3D Lenticular Printing

3D Lenticular Printing

3D Lenticular Printing by 3D dimensional visual professional team, our printing factory can print a variety of 3D printing such as three-dimensional postcards, 3D bookmark, 3D business card, 3D photo book, 3D greeting card, 3D poster, etc., with free delivery for customers in Bangkok and surrounding areas.

Three-dimensional Lenticular Printing Techniques

3D lenticular printing is a multi-step process which composed of creating a lenticular image from at least two images and combining it with a lenticular lens. 3D lenticular printing is a process of cutting image into line and concatenated together. The number of lines will be determined by using the lenticular size 50 LPI meaning in a length of one inch there is a lens groove on the 50 lines per inches. Thus, we have to cut image into 50 lines per inches and  then print. When 3D Lenticular sheet is apply, it will refract light. Make our eyes look three-dimensional image.

To print a 3D lenticular image, think of Season Group Printing House, An experts of various types of publications, the entire system of offset, silkscreen, digital, inkjet printing with Mac and PC computers technology.

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