Attractive plastic card design techniques

Plastic card or PVC card is a plastic card. This plastic has full name called Polyvinyl Chloride or the abbreviation called PVC. Which is a type of thermoplastic. Nowadays, PVC cards are very popular to many people. We can see from concert tickets, Artist/Singer card, prepaid card, member card, parking card, student card, discount card, reward card, luggage tag and so on. The reason why plastic cards are very popular due to high durability, tear resistant, can attach the magnetic stripe and barcode on the card to easily read data from the machine.

Generally, thickness of plastic cards are 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm and 0.76 mm. The standard card size is 8.5 x 5.4 cm (size of credit cards / ATM cards). Mini card size is 4.4 x 6 cm, which is smaller than the standard card size. In this article we have the techniques to make plastic cards more interesting as following

  1. Metallic Background: Metallic colors are silver and gold. If we make plastic cards with metallic silver or gold background, the cards will look more beautiful.
  2. Embossing: is to run number with silver/gold embossed or name embossed. It make the cards look more dimensional.
  3. Hot Stamping: gold/silver hot stamping is foil pumps by heated on the plastic card. These will make the cards look more value, more expensive and more beautiful
  4. Matte Coating: is to drying a plastic card as matt texture. Make the plastic card look smoother.
  5. Other techniques include embossing and debossing is adding beauty the card to look more dimensional. For example, embossed logo on plastic cards makes you will feel the embossed and the dimension when you touch it.

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