Color counting of print jobs To be beautiful like

To attract people to be interested in the print job Is the color of the print job How do you know if there are a lot of colors in our print jobs? If you print them, will you make a high print price? Let’s learn how to count colors.

Color counting The principle of color counting is that 1 plate is 1 color because the images that we see use only 4 plates, also known as 4 colors Another black is 4, mixed together, painted as real images. But the print work will have special colors added according to the usage requirements, such as silver, gold as a special color, need to add plates Will count to 1 color

Print 1 color. 1 color printing is a print that we see common colors. Most of them are black and white, such as textbooks, books, pocket books. But it is the inner face, not a single color cover, it is not necessary to use only black and white Can be printed in green, yellow, red, blue To look like there are many colors, such as selecting blue to print white paper Will expel the dark blue until the light color appears to have blue indigo color in the same job. 1 color printing will have the lowest cost

2-color printing and 3-color multi-color printing to increase the interest of the print job Want beauty to make the job more attractive May be printed in many colors, namely 2-color or 3-color printing. Most of them are popular in 2 colors such as black and red or green and yellow. Or can be any color pair The cost will increase a little more. Because the printing house must add plates according to the number of colors as well

Print in four colors if you want to print colorful images. Is a virtual image, just like our eyes have to type in 4 colors Come out to get all kinds of colors Which is more difficult than the first two. The cost is high, followed by Because of having to use 4 plates and need to type four rounds Most are popular for making posters or fashion pages in magazines etc.

Special color prints, special colors are colors that cannot be mixed between colors such as gold, silver and gold, light, etc. Gold shades and silver shades are different. The gold color will give the shadows and different sides. Silver will have shiny silver and silver sides. Which this special color will need to make the plate more according to the number of colors as well

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