Come to know different paper sizes better

The size of paper that we use in daily life has a variety of sizes. And the size that most people know is A4, which is the most common size used Whether it is books, reports and documents, ISO 216 is an international standard on the size of paper that most countries use. This standard requires the paper size to be set A and B

The print work is mainly focused on design and design. Which will have many paper sizes Whether it is a standard size, A set and B set, or a special size that customers cut In this article, we will talk about the standard paper size A set. Which is the size commonly known But do you know that besides the A4 size, it also has A0 – A10 sizes, also arranged from the largest to the smallest. That is to say, the smaller the number, the smaller the size. The paper size will be sorted from size A0 to A10. The size will be half the size. For example, A3 size paper will be 2 times larger than A4, or 2 sheets of A4 paper is equal to paper size A3 sheets can see the standard size A set in inches, centimeters and millimeters according to the table below.

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