Create a highlight for the product by printing the coating.

Printing coating Is a post-print job that has been completed In general, it is not complete as the work as needed. Must go through some processes first Both surface finishing or workpiece coating For different purposes such as to prevent scratches Prevent moisture And want beauty etc.

Printing methods can be categorized as follows.

Glossy varnish coating It is a coating of paper that is shiny with varnish, but the shadow is not very high. The printing house will recommend using the coating to prevent the ink from leaving the paper surface. Only from friction

Varnish coating Is a type of coating that gives the paper surface a side But the results are not so different from ordinary varnish Customers and printing houses are not popularly used for coating parts.

Polishing is a coating that gives high shine. Suitable for type work Packaging boxes such as candy boxes, cosmetic boxes Product panel labels etc.

UV coating (UV) is a coating that works by ultraviolet light. Effecting the shadow Suitable for brochures, brochures, product labels etc.

Glossy PVC coating (PVC gloss) is a paper coating with a glossy PVC film. Will make the paper coated It is durable and also gives more gloss than UV coating. But the cost is higher than UV coating

PVC coated side (PVC side) is a paper coating with PVC film with matte finish. Similar to the skin of frosted glass, but can see through through the print image Customers and printing houses are very popular. Which is often recommended to be coupled with the SPOT UV in parallel to make the work piece come out outstanding, beautiful, eye-catching

HOLOGRAME coating is the coating of the printing surface with plastic film as well as PVC coating. The difference between the properties of the film used is the pattern or gimmick for different beauty.

SPOT UV refers to the SPOT UV coating that gives a specific gloss of the print job, such as a logo or letter or image that needs to be specially focused

In addition, the printing coating that is popular with many other UV spots is as follows.

  • UV SPOT coating / side
  • UV SPOT coating / Sand grain
  • UV SPOT coating / glitter
  • UV / pearl SPOT coating
  • SPOT UV coating / perfume scent
  • UV SPOT coating / Fluorescent ink

Gloss OPP coating

Matte OPP coating


Matte OPP coating and UV spot

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