Do not know what type of paper to use, we have answers for you.

Today’s technology has made great progress. Paper production is the same. There are many types of paper that occur. Enabling customers to have a choice of paper types in many print jobs as needed Each type of paper has different strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, choosing paper that is suitable for the print job is important to consider first. Because it will affect the beauty of the publication directly Today, the printing house will offer a bit of knowledge about the paper in the print to be read.

Pound paper: Pound paper is commonly used in books, especially in meat. Suitable for jobs with limited budget. The paper has a moderate weight to support the thickness. In paper that is below 80 pounds. If using a lot of color, the ink will penetrate the back. Therefore, if there are images, should use 80 pounds or more paper to avoid damage.

Green Read: is a paper that is produced for a particular book. The texture of the paper is yellow, which helps reduce the glare of the eyes. Making reading comfortable Eye care paper with a thickness of 65 gsm and 75 gsm. The feature is that the paper texture can support the color well when printing the image. The color will look bright and soft. There is not much more expensive than pound paper. Suitable for printing books with a lot of content, such as literary books

Proof paper: Proof paper is a cheap paper. Thin paper With a light yellow color Suitable for use in print jobs that have a short life Focus on the amount of production Which daily newspapers are the most obvious examples Because the paper features match the usage characteristics

Glossy paper : The paper is smooth, glossy, printable, close to the real color. Can be coated well The thickness of the paper is as follows: 85 gram, 90 gsm, 100 gsm, 105 gsm, 120 gsm, 130 gsm, 140 gsm, 160 gsm

Side art paper : Smooth paper But the meat is not it The color print will be slightly pale, but look elegant. The thickness of the paper is as follows: 85 gram, 90 gsm, 100 gsm, 105 gsm, 120 gsm, 130 gsm, 140 gsm, 160 gsm.

2-sided shiny art card paper: is an art paper with a thickness of 190 gsm or more, suitable for printing posters, postcards, book covers or other tasks that require thickness.

1 page of shiny art card paper: is an art paper that has a hardness of more than 2 pages of art card, thickness from 300 grams or more, suitable for printing jobs that need to print just one page, such as packing boxes, posters, postcards, book covers, etc.

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