How is the print job on art paper and pound paper different?

Art paper : The paper is glossy and firm, with a smooth surface, suitable for four-color printing. Print works as close to the actual color. The permeability of the ink will not spread. The printed image will get sharp images. When using a magnifying glass or watching with the naked eye Water absorption or dampness will not cause the paper to shrink or swell. In addition, art paper is also suitable for coating. Both glossy And matte This type of paper is popular for printing magazines, brochures, posters, brochures etc.

Pound paper : is a smooth, plain white paper used for printing single-color work. It is easy to observe, which is the paper that is used to write or take general documents. Printing four colors on pound paper is not as beautiful as art paper. Because the permeability of the ink will absorb more than art paper The sharpness of printing time is not clear. When using a magnifying glass or looking at the naked eye Because of the high ink absorption, there is a chance that the printed image is not clear. Will not be able to fight art paper The color that the pound paper absorbs will cause the color to become pale. The luster of color is not as bright as art paper. Most of the paper-based work is office documents. Suitable for printing meat in a book or letterhead paper But the quality of the work is considered quite good.

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