How to choose the right sticker label for your product?

Ever wondered what kind of sticker label we would choose? Which type is suitable for our product Suitable for use by customers to stick to our products well. Today, the Seasons Group will introduce various stickers. Sticker features And the use of each type of sticker for everyone to know Let’s get started

PVC Sticker / Pvc sticker

PVC stickers are 100% durable, water-resistant, so popular for applications that require water, moisture, sun, rain and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Suitable for general labeling applications such as logo stickers Electrical appliances sticker Water glass sticker Car Windshield Stickers Other advertising stickers

Properties of PVC stickers can be wet or get 100% water and can withstand heat about 40-60 degrees Celsius, but if heat is more than 40 degrees Celsius, the sticker may start to scratch and wrinkles. There are various types of PVC stickers as follows: Transparent PVC sticker, shiny white PVC sticker, PVC white sticker, special sticky PVC sticker, PVC back gray sticker And many other PVC stickers. It can also add beauty to PVC stickers. By varnishing / matte coating, spot UV, K silver / K gold stamping etc.

Paper sticker / Paper sticker

Paper stickers are widely used. Because it is cheaper than other types of stickers Suitable for use in applications that are attached to materials that do not have to be careful of getting wet or having to get water and use to label products in general, such as bar code stickers, production date, expiry date, label and fruit stick etc. roll up

Properties can be wet or get about 40% water and can withstand about 90 degrees Celsius. There are many types of paper stickers, such as glossy white paper stickers, white side paper stickers, shiny silver / silver paper stickers, shiny gold paper stickers. / Gold side etc.

PP sticker / PP sticker

PP sticker Is durable and suitable for applications that have to be wet or get water more than many PVC stickers But the price will be higher Because this type of sticker is smooth, flexible, and beautiful than any other sticker, it is suitable for use in labeling products such as stickers, face cream bottles. Shampoo bottle sticker Stickers for shower cream bottles, etc.

Properties can be wet or get 100% water and can withstand heat up to 90 degrees Celsius. Popular PP meat stickers are available in 3 types: PP transparent sticker. PP white shadow sticker And white PP sticker

Fake stickers

This type of sticker Suitable for product warranty Popularly used in products that are high in price and require quality assurance for reliability in the product Fake stickers are more expensive than other stickers.

Properties can be wet or get water and 100% resistant to heat, but the special is this type of sticker. When peeling off There will be many types of stickers, such as fake void stickers, hologram stickers and fake eggshell stickers.

  • Fake Void Stickers There are both silver / silver This type of sticker is waterproof and heat resistant. When the peeling time is left, the stain of the letter will be removed.
  • Hologram sticker This sticker is waterproof to 100 % There are many designs to choose from When the light is shining, it will be seen as a rainbow.
  • Fake eggshell sticker Used to guarantee the quality of mobile products General electronic equipment
    Vacuum sticker

This type of sticker Popular to be used in the interior of the car glass, such as stickers for entering / leaving villages, stickers for organizations, companies, department stores, schools, used to attach mirrors for general advertising.
Properties can be wet or get water. And can withstand heat about 40-60 degrees Celsius Can cut all forms of cut

See through stickers

This type of sticker Commonly used to be attached to building glass Various storefront glass or window features of See Through is The sticker is porous. When tracking the building glass The window and the person looking from outside Can not see the person inside But the person inside can look at the person outside In addition, can be shielded from outsiders See through stickers also can filter the light as well. Can also be wet or get water And can withstand heat about 40-60 degrees Celsius
Hope that it will benefit you, the customer, in choosing the right sticker for the type of work that we want to use.

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