How to make brochures to read

“Brochures” are used as media for public relations, both in business or organization. Brochures are offline public relations media, which is a good way to produce results. And is still popular in modern times Although online media has played a huge role

The word “brochure” (brochure) comes from French. Used to call transliteration of one type of publication In fact, brochures are booklets that need to be stapled together.

Using brochures is a presentation about a business or organization. In order for the reader to know the information of that organization by offering not too much and not too little How to design a brochure to be interesting Attracting people to want to pick up, read, pick up, see, should read the recommendations that should be done and should not do first as follows

Making brochures interesting

  1. Knowing the purpose, needs, before starting the design when starting to design should know the main purpose and requirements of making the brochure first. What are the objectives? Want to present something to readers? Or want to change the old brochure To achieve real goals from the brochures made
  2. Use the corresponding font (Font) You do not need to use a variety of fonts in one job. Should use fonts that are needed only for the main topic, secondary topics and content because of the different font types that To make customers unfamiliar, difficult to read, cluttered and unattractive
  3. Design the cover to make it interesting and select the paper to fit the cover design of the brochure page to be interesting. Can attract the reader to pick it up Because the cover is the first thing that readers see before anything else. If the cover design is not interesting, it cannot make the reader want to pick up or open the brochure. The selection of paper used to make brochures should not be too thin. Because it makes it easy to lack Adding outstanding features to brochures with coating applications such as varnish, matte, UV spot, embossed stamping and gold stamping etc. makes brochures interesting. And attracting readers to pick up more easily
  4. Write the right content. Writing content is a very important component. Try to think of newspaper headlines. And try to think of simple sentences, short, additions, short descriptions and pictures Then put them together as appropriate to be beautiful
  5. Impressing people to read the brochure design must be consistent with the business or organization. What the brochure wants from readers Is for readers to be interested in that product or business and contact back Should be designed by focusing on target customers The images used in the brochure must be beautiful, sharp images and images must be consistent with the product of the business.

Contraindications for good brochures

  1. Brochures that contain only content should fit the content but not too much, not too little. There are pictures to be read. Can use pictures to tell stories instead
  2. Use images that do not have image quality that is important. Should choose quality pictures To make the brochure come out attractive, attractive
  3. Forget about the benefits of the product, should tell the benefits of the product, what will be received from the product. Because customers will understand and be able to use the product correctly
  4. Write to yourself too much, do not say the source and the history of the company too. Because that will not be able to attract customers Should think of customers as important as what customers want from this brochure.

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