Is the digital media still important?

At present, social media Digital systems have played a huge role in doing business. Causing both print media and magazines to gradually close down However, something that even when the time has changed Is still important and able to adjust to keep pace with the modern era

“Print media” is important for marketers and businessmen in the social age. In order to thoroughly reach customers Because online society still does not reach some areas in the country And customers who are still familiar and familiar with traditional print media Still have needs Therefore, the print media still has the same role and importance in the digital age.

The reason for the publication is still important in the digital age.

  1. Marketing channels with many scholars and marketers still believe that good marketing strategies There must be an effective combination between print media and online marketing media. To help motivate customers to want to use that product or service more At present, the behavior of customers buying products is more diverse than before. Yes, everyone will play the internet play website. Or social media to everyone And most importantly, should not use digital systems to help work, such as various tutoring institutions or study abroad programs Also use books, media or publications to help promote educational institutions To attract students interested in studying abroad as well If used as an online media system, all would be difficult to attract students to the entire project. Marketers must constantly study and analyze marketing strategies in order to know and reach more customers. By using print media and online media to blend in accordance with the needs of customers
  2. Marketing strategies must be different and distinctive. All products and services stores must adapt to time. Not including even the print media In the digital society era, full of information Especially digital advertising of many competing companies as well Thinking outside the box to develop strategies and use of print media In order to stimulate the consumption behavior of customers according to the era To be interesting Is different and outstanding By using special print media such as delivery of gift vouchers, promotions or discounts via that publication
  3. Create a unique and first impression, creating a corporate image or reputation. Therefore, the print media must be tangible, therefore it is considered an important tool. To help impress customers for the first time, such as a business card with a beautiful logo, unique to the store Document envelopes that print company logos Or product packaging That is printed with quality materials that can be tangible and have the first impression to the customer Business cards are like representatives of the company. Therefore, the design of business cards, envelopes, documents and good packaging will create credibility for the brand. Create a unique and impressive To be more professional These publications are things that online media can’t replace.

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