Season Group Printing House, one stop printing service with digital, offset, inkjet and silk screen printing system. We are printing and designing product label by a professional team with modern and quality label printer. Guaranteed with label printing for many of business products, they choose Season Group publication with fast service, high-tech printer, skillful workers and on time delivery.

We print label products as the following items:

Paper sticker label

Paper stickers are very popular because they are cheaper than other type of stickers, suitable for use with dry products because paper sticker is not waterproof sticker. Paper sticker commonly used in both sheet and roll. Features of paper stickers is it can wet about 40% water and heat-resistant around 90 degrees Celsius. There are several kinds of paper stickers as follows gloss white paper stickers, matte white paper stickers, gloss silver foil sticker paper, matte silver foil sticker paper, gloss gold foil sticker paper, matte gloss silver foil sticker paper, etc. Customers can choose to use according to suitability of products and packaging.

PVC sticker label

PVC sticker is very durable and 100% water-resistant usually used for products that need to be wet, watery or to sunlight for a long time. It is suitable for use in general labeling such as logo stickers, window stickers, electronic stickers, glass stickers and other advertising stickers. Features of PVC stickers is it can 100% wet and heat-resistant around 40-60 degrees Celsius. However, stickers may begin shrinking and wrinkles if the heat over 40 degrees Celsius. PVC stickers are available in various types such as clear PVC stickers (transparent PVC sticker), white PVC sticker, white it. PVC stickers, matte white PVC sticker and so on.

PP sticker label

PP sticker is durable and suitable for products that need to wet or water than PVC sticker. PP sticker is more quality than PVC sticker, it is smooth, flexible and more beautiful than other stickers, but the price is more expensive. Generally use in the labeling such as a bottle labels, lotion bottle labels, shampoo bottle labels, shower bottle label, etc. There are three types of PP stickers: crystal clear sticker, white PP sticker and matte white PP stickers. Features of PP sticker is it can wet or 100% water-resistant and heat-resistant up to 90° C.

Resin/Logo sticker label

Suitable for use as logos or symbols of products. Emphasize to more outstanding and reliable to the products and packaging.  Suitable to print as logo or symbol of the products. The popular material used as a resin drop sticker are white PVC stickers, gloss/matte silver foil stickers and gloss/matte gold foil stickers.

You can ask for label printing quotation here. Free Delivery for customers in Bangkok and its vicinity. Click here for quotation


Printing a legitimate label product label according to the laws consisting of:

  1. Product description must be true and validated. Do not mislead consumers about the product’s essence.
  2. Must identify the manufacturer, importer, commercial registration number or trademark clearly
  3. In case of producing the product manually must identify the production location, or in case of importing goods must identify the location of the import business and the country in which the goods are produced.
  4. Date of manufacture (MED) and expiry date (EXP)
  5. Product quantity
  6. Product usage
  7. Instructions for use and warnings
  8. Product price with unit of currency
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