Letter Envelope

Letter Envelope

If you are looking for envelope printing think of Season Group Printing House. We receive a print standard size envelope to many companies, government and a lot of shops. Our envelope design are unique and reliable. Guaranteed quality by professional artwork and over 25 years experience in specialty printing. We are pleasure to give advice to you before printing. We have design service and free delivery service in Bangkok and surrounding areas.

Letter Envelope Standard Size

Standard size of envelope is 4.25 x 9 inches (No.9), 5¼ x 7¼ inches (No.29), 4¼ x 9⅛ inches, etc.

Paper used in envelope printing

Woodfree white paper and brown paper with thickness 110 grams and 125 grams. Moreover, art paper or fancy paper (paper with special texture) can also be used which depend on customer need as important.

Budget saver printing techniques

To make envelope printing is on the budget, we recommended to print only one or two colors on the envelope.

Special printing techniques to outstanding the envelope

To increase the prominence of the envelope, Adding hot Stamping techniques is recommended for example gold hot stamp or color hot stamp.

Recommendation for envelopes printing

Document envelopes are generally purpose to contain documents to forwarded to others.

Making an envelope is focus on economical just printing one color or two colors. Document envelopes can used as a tool for advertising. It can contain an image or a product/service advertising on the envelopes. If the design provides beautiful surely lead to nice look to organization/product/service. Documents are often used (not used for specific campaigns), so the formatted should be aligned with the other documents of the organization, such as business cards, letterhead, etc.

Season Group Printing House, print all kinds of envelopes such as company mail, government mail, receipt mail, etc. We guaranteed quality, on-time delivery and free delivery in Bangkok area

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