Prayer Book

Prayer Book

Where to print prayer book? Season Group Printing House located at Onnut area in Bangkok, we are prayer book printing on demand. We also have finished prayer book for convenience of printing prayer books for distribute to charity or use in ceremonies. You can

You can print the list of provider in the book to make it fast and convenience. The content of the buddhist prayer is fully standard according to Buddhist principles. The book layout and font size is easy to read and see clearly.

Our publisher don’t have minimum order, we can be printed at any volume, whether it is a small or large amount.

Popular made to order Prayer Book Details

Size 10 x 14 cm. cover page use art cart 300 grams, inside sheet use woodfree 80 grams. Customer can customize the size and paper texture according to your needs.

Buddhist Prayer Book Details

  • size 9.6 X 14 cm. have 76 pages per book.
  • Cover pages: Art card paper 260 grams, 4 color, gloss coat.
  • Inside sheet: Woodfree paper 80 grams, 1 color on 2 sides.
  • Text and content are perfect size, easy to read and see clearly.
  • Can print name list of providers in the book.


Free Delivery for customers in Bangkok and its vicinity. In case urgent job, customer have to pick up products at the store.

Season Group Printing House, no minimum order for Prayer book printing, Buddhist prayer book printing and Religion book printing.

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