Preparing the file for printing

Each publication will come out beautifully and perfectly according to the needs of the customer. Depends on many elements together and one important thing, starting with the preparation of the work file before sending it to the printing house Customers must make sure that they are complete as needed. Preparing the file correctly will help reduce the process of checking files, making the work faster. And the work will come out to meet the needs of the customer and not cause mistakes Job delays as well

There are 4 main principles for preparing files: 1. Color mode of work files 2. Margin and fall distance 3. Font / Font 4. Saving files which can be detailed as follows

1. Color mode of work files

Printing of the printing house will use the digital offset printing system. The job file should use the CMYK color mode to produce accurate colors. The printing system will automatically convert color files to media. Which customers can change the standard color profile for CMYK mode in Adobe program in many ways

– Set the color mode in the program Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Can set the CMYK color mode with the program Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Directly as well By opening the desired program and going to Edit -> Color Settings -> where CMYK is selected as Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2: 2004)

2. Margin and cutting distance

Margins and cutting distance It is very important to prepare the print job.

– The margins are located in the edge of the workpiece, which is a safe area for cutting letters and graphics. Can not be cut from the paper cutter

– The cut-off distance will be outside the work margin. Which will be discarded if the file has a color background or graphic pattern Should pour the color down to the end of the cut, even if it is cut off

And the print job files should have at least 3 mm of margins on all sides and 3 mm of cutting distance on all sides

3. Font / Font

Customers who have designed the work using Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign fonts that customers use may not match the fonts that the printer has, which may cause problems with the font format. The work will not meet the requirements. Should convert fonts, letters or text to be in the form of graphics first, by converting to shape (Photoshop) or Create Outlines (Illustrator or InDesign)

4. Saving files to send to the printing house

Sending files to the store to print Should be sent as an original file, such as PSD, AI, IDD or will be a PDF because these files support graphic vectors. Which will make the print work sharp, clear and accurate Or can be sent as a JPEG, TIFF or PNG file, but these files must have a resolution of more than 300 dpi or more and save the file as a PDF. Customers must ensure that all the information is correct. In order for the work to come out according to the actual customer needs

Preparation of files that are suitable for printing jobs and are accurate. Can reduce the process and shorten the time to check the work file Make the work out quickly In time with the need to use and reduce mistakes as well

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