Print color does not match the screen. How to do?

Many customers who have used print services No matter how small the shop Or the printing house must face the problem that The images printed from the printer are color distorted from what we see on the screen. (Very little, as the case may be) Why is the color not like the screen?

Before explaining the reason We have to understand the color system first. There are 2 commonly used color systems, RGB and CMYK.

RGB stands for Red – Green – Blue, which is the mother of the color that is translucent. Acting as a color mother, mixing colors To appear on the computer screen, television, projector, camera, smartphone, as well as other media that use light to display images Although one image that uses the same RGB color system, the color displayed on each screen of the media Will not be the same To be the same brand or same model

CMYK stands for Cyan – Magenta – Yellow – Black is the mother of the color of the opaque color, such as the poster color, water color that we use in art or ink color by the printing system. At present, whether it is printing with home-based printers, both Laser and Inkjet, to large printing presses, like printing presses, most of them are printed with CMYK.

Color difference 2, this system is CMYK system, has a smaller color gamut than RGB system, that is, create various colors From four colors, less than RGB, which is the source of the problem that the color prints are not the same as the screen color. Of course, when doing a file, we watch the color from the computer screen. (Which is an RGB system) but when printing to paper, we print using the CMYK system, which is a system with a smaller color gamut. Therefore is a problem that creates no doubt for the customers Why the color is not like the screen

When understanding the color system above He thinks that If our work file is very bright, very bright, the screen is an RGB system that can create these colors. But you do not forget that the printer is a color system. CMYK cannot create such bright colors. And now, how do we make the actual color print as close to the screen as possible?

Customers who make file submissions for the printing plant Must tell the program that you use to create work files, such as Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, work in CMYK instead of working in the RGB system. Therefore, when it is time to see the work file from the computer, we will look on the CMYK system which is closer to viewing RGB sure

In addition, the printer will provide digital proofing services for customers to see before printing. In order to check the color pattern and text carefully again before actually printing However, the company always wants customers to consider that Printing, whether viewed from the screen Or watch from digital videos Will not be able to be 100% identical. In principle, the printer will be able to store more print jobs than digital. And will print out as close to digital as possible

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