Printing production process

Production process of publication There are the following steps.

1. The customer receives a quotation and agrees to print with the printing house.

2. The process of making art work, the form of work for customers to check first

There are 2 cases for making artwork.

If the client already has a file Which is mostly a .ai file. If the client has another program, the technician will check the file first. That can be used or not
In the event that the client does not have a work file, there is no way for the printer to design the work according to the customer’s needs. And send work files to customers to check
3. Color proofing procedure In the case of an off set work, the printing house will print digital proofs for customers to check before signing the approval to produce the work. In the case of silkscreen work Will send artwork And pan tones for customers to choose And signed an agreement for the production of prints

4. The process of procuring materials for production Prepare the materials used in the production, such as paper, rope, elastic, plastic loop for binding etc.

5. Printing production process Make mold blocks to print jobs. When the job is finished printing, it will enter the production process in various ways. The customer specified, such as varnish, matte, UV spot, gold stamping, embossed stamping etc.

6. The cut-and-cut process is a piece of work.

7. Quality inspection procedure (Q.C) and packing Will check the print job And packing for preparing to send to customers

8. The finished work is ready for delivery to customers.

The production process is as follows.

1. Silkscreen printing system, suitable for printing small numbers, small colors, plain colors. No screen punching (soft gradation to dark) or printing on various materials Which is soft and hard, can not enter the offset printer such as cloth bags, acrylic sheets, pens, plastic files, etc. etc.

2. Offset printing system is suitable for printing with large numbers. Is a real picture (Full colur)
The advantages of offset work are beautiful, sharp work, faster production.

3. Print Digital or Ink Jet is pretty close to offset work. And the production cost is much lower than the offset system Suitable for the work that the customer ordered a very small amount, ie 1 piece or more, requires a job as fast as just 1 day, can send work to customers such as postcards, postcards, posters, vinyl etc.

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