PVC Card / Plastic Card

PVC Card / Plastic Card

Plastic card printing (PVC card printing) there are no minimum number of orders. Seasons Group printing house made good job quality meet customer’s requirement. We have PVC card experience for both public and private entities. By ensuring quality, consultancy, and professional card design services, thus making seasons group printing house trust by all customer segments.

PVC cards that we made are as follows:

At Seasons Group printing house, we print member card and staff ID card for use in a variety of businesses such as discount card, business card, parking card, warranty card, student ID card, plastic ID card, VIP Card, Plastic Card, tag plastic card, bag tag card, luggage tag, baggage tag, name badge, etc. PVC plastic cards can used in a variety of benefits, they are durable and long life. If you want us to designed PVC cards for a specific purpose, please contact us. We provide consultation services and a good craft design team available to serve you at all times.

PVC Card Details

Member Card/ID Card/Plastic Card:

The most popular size is 8.5 x 5.4 cm.

Plastic Card(PVC Card) thickness 0.3 mm., 0.5 mm., 0.76 mm. (Thick as ATM card/credit card)

PVC Cards can run number and run barcode on each card (sequential number/distinct number/code will print on each card) by running a smooth black number, running a silver embossed number, running a gold embossed and run barcode.

Order PVC Card printing, no minimum order and free delivery in Bangkok and its vicinity. Except for urgent task requires the customer to pick up the products at the store.

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