Sticker Label

Sticker Label

Label Materials and Types of Labelling Materials for Print Labels

Season Group Printing House, printing all kinds of sticker label with consultation service to choose the right sticker to the right products. We are one-stop printing service with advanced tools and comprehensive work experience over 25 years, you can ensure that the quality of sticker will be exactly what you want. We are the best place of sticker label printing service with fast service, on time and reasonable price.

Sticker label printing service

Paper sticker

Paper stickers are very popular because they are cheaper than other type of stickers, suitable for use with dry products because paper sticker is not waterproof sticker. Paper sticker label use for general product labeling such as barcode sticker, manufactured date, expire date, food and fruit label and so on. Paper sticker commonly used in both sheet and roll. Features of paper stickers is it can wet about 40% water and heat-resistant around 90 degrees Celsius. There are several kinds of paper stickers as follows gloss white paper stickers, matte white paper stickers, gloss silver foil sticker paper, matte silver foil sticker paper, gloss gold foil sticker paper, matte gloss silver foil sticker paper, etc.

PVC sticker

PVC sticker is very durable and 100% water-resistant usually used for products that need to be wet, watery or to sunlight for a long time. It is suitable for use in general labeling such as logo stickers, window stickers, electronic stickers, glass stickers and other advertising stickers. Features of PVC stickers is it can 100% wet and heat-resistant around 40-60 degrees Celsius. However, stickers may begin shrinking and wrinkles if the heat over 40 degrees Celsius. It can also enhance the beauty by varnishing / matte, Spot UV, gold or silver hot stamp, etc. PVC stickers are available in various types such as clear PVC stickers (transparent PVC sticker), white PVC sticker, white it. PVC stickers, matte white PVC sticker and so on.

PP sticker

It is durable and suitable for products that need to wet or water than PVC sticker. The price is more expensive too because this sticker type is smooth, flexible and more beautiful than other stickers. Generally use in the labeling such as a bottle labels, lotion bottle labels, shampoo bottle labels, shower bottle label, etc. There are three types of PP stickers: crystal clear sticker, white PP sticker and matte white PP stickers. Features of PP sticker is it can wet or 100% water-resistant and heat-resistant up to 90° C.

Resin sticker / Logo sticker

Suitable for use as logos or symbols of products. Emphasize to more outstanding and reliable. The popular material used as a resin drop sticker are white PVC stickers, gloss/matte silver foil stickers and gloss/matte gold foil stickers.

Waterproof sticker

Waterproof sticker

Gloss silver foil stickers, matte silver foil stickers, gloss gold foil stickers and matte gold foil stickers are suitable for automotive and industrial spare parts labeling. Features of waterproof sticker is water and heat-resistant up to 100% in both thin and thick type of sticker.

Void sticker label / Guarantee sticker

Suitable for product warranty labeling, it is used in high price products and need quality assurance for the reliability of products. There are several types of warranty stickers as follows:

  • Void sticker have both of gloss and matte silver foil sticker. This sticker is waterproof and heat-resistant. When remove this warranty sticker, the stains of the letters are still on the products.
  • Hologram Sticker: 100% waterproof and has several patterns of sticker. When the light is reflected will visible as rainbow color.
  • Egg shell stickers are used to guarantee the quality of mobile products and electronic products.

Window sticker

Static Cling Sticker Printing

Suitable for use as a car window sticker, vehicle sticker for village entrance, company, organisation, school, etc. Use to stick to the car/mirror/window/glass for general advertising. The feature of static cling sticker is it can be wet or water and the heat-resistance about 40-60 degrees Celsius. Can cut every shape of any size, but this type of stickers are not popular for coating.

See Through Sticker Printing

Commonly used to print various images and stick on the glass or window surface because the stickers have porous. When tracking window glass building, people who are outside are not able to see inside they can see the images on the sticker instead. At the same time, people who are inside can look out outside clearly. With this feature, it is popular stickers decorate the buildings, especially the high buildings because it filters light and shade from a third party.

Frosted Window Sticker Printing

Suitable for decorating the glass in the office building to enhance the beauty and use blind from outsiders.

Other sticker printing

Tattoo sticker printing

Tattoo sticker used for printing various patterns, and use to decorated the body or clothing for a beautiful and exotic look. Most of them are popular among teenagers.

Die-cut letter stickers / UV DTF / Tracing film sticker

It is suitable for sticking on all types of materials with smooth surfaces. It is printing the colors on paper and then peeling it off and sticking it on the product. It can stick on glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, and others materials. Die-cut stickers are popular used in various materials that cannot be printed. It looks like a screen printing job that anyone can do by themselves. “Just peel and stick” but get the job faster and not as difficult as screen printing.

Importantly, it does not require heat to attach and it can print unlimited of colors. For customers who want something special, we have gold foil and silver foil available for make your work look more outstanding and beautiful. Feature of die-cut letter stickers is it 100% waterproof and durable.

Design and print all kinds of stickers with advanced tools and technology.

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