Value added technique to your product packaging

Nowadays, consumers prefer to buy products with beautiful packaging and attractive designs. Most of consumers tend to buy because of packaging although they has not seen the product inside. Due to the beautiful packaging, it can be a gift or a souvenir to anyone.

The packaging is something that can add value to the products. Making a nice packaging does not increase the cost of business, but it increases the business opportunity instead. A beautiful boxes packaging is considered as another marketing model. Because there are product details and producer on the packaging.

The key is design of packaging that represents the brand image through the product. Therefore, it can be said that the packaging box can do marketed and communicates instead of us.

Moreover, the packaging has many benefits. In term of using creativity to design a good packaging which suitable for the product. And it also convenient for storage and transportation as well.

Let’s see value added technique to your product packaging as follows:

  1. Unique design: Making differentiate packaging design, we can see in everyday life, such as some products look similar, but if you look deeply and consider you can see how it different to each other. This difference comes from the design, even if it’s the same thing, but the details will vary.
  2. Add outstanding by hot stamp: Foil hot stamp is special technique used in publication. There are many color on foil hot stamp such as silver, gold, copper, pink, etc. The purpose of hot stamping is to make the difference to the publication. Hot stamping make our packaging more gorgeous and luxurious.
  3. Design the packaging can see the product inside: It is the design of box packaging that allow for your product to be seen. By have a window on the packaging so that you can see the product inside. It will make the product look attractive and make it easier for consumers to make purchases.
  4. Simple Design or minimalist: To make a simple design of the box packaging, but still look worth to buy. A minimalist trend never out of date. Because it focuses on a simple design. It’s not too much of details, make a classic look and always be interested. such as For example, using a brown paper box packaging, or simply printing box packaging box just one or two colors.

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