What information is needed on the packaging?

Important aspects of packaging design Not just a beautiful look that attracts customers. Or just just a box for a product or bag But what to do for customers to remember that product respectful Able to attract customers And make customers interested in buying products as well

Data or product labels are very important in identifying product details. And what information is required on the packaging or product label? Let’s see

  1. Brand is a message, symbol, style or combination of these things. To indicate the product or service of the seller May be a symbol that represents the identity of the manufacturer or consumer The name must not be unique to others. Use easy-to-remember words To help make it easy to remember
  2. Product name is the name of the product. That indicates the nature of the product What the product is In which category The name should not be long and relevant to the product. For customers to recognize and recognize immediately
  3. trademark (Trademark) is another part of the brand from the registration To protect legal rights. The product description is information that is public relations. Describe the properties of the product And various
  4. details about the product, such as the origin and meaning of the product, price, slogan of the product, etc.
  5. Images and product components are pictures of products used to show customers more understanding of the product. And is a detailed description of the components of the product What is made from How much ratio
  6. Size and packing is Numbers that represent the amount of products in the package In order to know what size and quantity Help make it easier for customers to buy decisions.
  7. Nutritional information is Information that indicates nutrients And the amount of nutrients Usually it is a package with nutritional claims. And nutritious foods such as milk powder for children, supplement food products, body care
  8. products And snack products, etc., which will indicate which products contain any amount of nutrients And how much the body needs for each type of nutrient
    Warning or precautions for consumption are not smaller than 2 mm in size, often found in packaging in energy drinks. And beverages that contain caffeine
  9. Information that is required by law
    • Production date and expiration date
    • First day to consume
    • Recommendations, procedures or methods of use of the product
    • O. Mark / TIS.
    • Barcode
    • nutrition
    • Product price
  10. The manufacturer’s name and distribution are indicative of the manufacturer. Importer for sale Whether there is any source from the company and the location of the production plant or factory that is imported Contact number of the company
  11. Consumer Complaint Center is Details used to contact the consumer of the supplier To provide various information services to consumers who have purchased products and consumed
    A good product or packaging must complete all important information. Manufacturers must pay particular attention to details in addition to good packaging. Beautiful Still need to consider the consumer is important

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