What is a roll sticker?

Roll stickers are printed sticker or blank stickers, rolled it into the paper core to applied the sticker shooter machine. For example, price tag sticker, sticker barcode, label sticker, blank sticker for barcode or product details printing. Customer can order roll sticker and using hand to peel sticker directly. The production of stickers as a roll makes it easy to store. Do not waste storage space as sheet stickers. Roll stickers are easy to use because there is a gap between the label which make it easy to stick to the product, such as fruit label, snack label, etc.

Material for printing roll stickers

White paper sticker

White plastic sticker

Matte white paper sticker

Matte white plastic sticker

Semi-gloss semi-matte sticker

PP gloss white sticker
Direct Thermal Sticker

PP matte white sticker

YUPO sticker

Clear sticker

Because of there are many types of materials that used to print roll stickers. Therefore, we can recommend customers to choose stickers that suitable for usage. What type of sticker material is suitable for any product and choose the right sticker material to meet customer’s purpose of use.

Roll printing system can be produced as a continuous sticker. The appearance of the sticker will be continuous. With a sprocket hole so customers can print on the computer. For example, a sticker that is used to label medicines. Most customer will print the company name or the establishment name and other details on the sticker. There are a blank space on sticker for print information through computer. Which is often changed such as customer lists, items, material names, etc. There are many types of stickers that apply to print continuous stickers label such as white paper stickers, Semi-gloss semi-matte sticker, PP white sticker and so on.

In addition, to the different kinds of paper stickers, there are plastic roll stickers; the stickers that through the UV light make the print color durable and completely dry. The customer does not have to wait for a dry color for several days. Roll printing system can be printed in large quantities. Less printing time and easy to use because it has a space between them (the machine will peel the gap between sticker out) such as white plastic stickers, Matte white plastic sticker, PP white stickers, ans clear sticker.

Moreover, roll sticker can be printed on the offset system which can printed on any materials, whether paper sticker or plastic sticker. It is an alternative to our customers to meet the customer’s purpose of printing.

Advantages of Roll Stickers

Firstly, roll sticker is fast production takes less production time. Secondly, low-cost rather than offset printing with nice product and can produce in large quantities. Thirdly, easy to use because it has a space between the sticker label (the machine will peel the gap between sticker out). So that it easy to peel and can applied to the sticker shooter machine. It is also save storage space as well.

In conclusion, if the customer does not know what kind of sticker is suitable for the product and its use, or not sure whether it can used with your’s printer. Season Group printing house can recommend the right stickers for use, and send sticker samples to the customer to try first. Interested in printing roll stickers, click www.seasongroup.co.th/en/home

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