What is cutting?

That! What is the cut and why? Why is it important to print?

Many people would have sent the file to the printing factory. Will be asked “Have you made a cut?” Must understand the process of printing first. The printing house will not be ready for printing. There must be a paper margin for the printer to catch the paper when working. Before sending the job, the customer will cut off this part.

Cutting is to set the space for the work area in the background or background. To be wider than the size of the actual work Which is most popular, will set the length for about 3 mm, will give the color and pattern of the part that is set to the same color and pattern as the background The cutting distance will prevent the print job from having white edges.

file without cutting

files that have been cut (should be cut 3 mm each on 4 sides)

Why is it necessary to set the cutting distance?

Whether printed with digital or offset Or how advanced is the machine Must have the cut-off distance set Because setting the space for the work piece to support for cutting work Indentation of materials when using machines If not set the cut-off distance The workpiece may have a white border overlap. Causing the work piece to not be beautiful The operation of the machine cannot print or cut the work piece exactly 100% in all work pieces. This is the reason why there must be a cut.

Why is it important to print?

What type of cutting distance is important to the type of work? Can answer that it is important to every type of printing Whether printing with offset or digital systems

How will the cut-off period be effective? For book printing Will not print one page at a time, like a general printer Will be printed as a lift and then brought each to be folded to wait for the binding again When there is a binding, there must be a cut of the book around it. Because the printing will be printed as a lift and then folded to overlap If there are no cuts on all three sides Will not be able to open the book The cut-off range that is made for that will make the work come out completely. No white edges overlap To make the work neat and beautiful

Can be seen that the cutting distance is set Is important for every print job Therefore, before sending the job file to the printing plant, should set the cutting distance to be completed first. In order to work out beautifully Importantly, I would like to introduce a few designs that Do not place too much important content on the edges of the book. Because there is an opportunity to cut that content

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